Closeteers Questions

Here are questions sent by readers, and their answers.

Feel free to send yours to waury at closet-inc dot com πŸ˜€

October 28, 2010

Dear Lii: Why did Tommi forbid you to use the toasters?

Well it’s the WEIRDEST story! I was making toasts one day and the toaster refused to give them to me! I really tried to take them back but I got burned. And for some reason the kitchen too caught on fire. Tommi said something about it being the 7th time and that I was banned from even looking at it. I still don’t get it.

Lii: How contented are you with Life?

Hum, well when I’m nice she doesn’t hit me, so I guess it’s okay.

Lii: Are you happy as you are?

I guess? I don’t know why I wouldn’t be. I mean, sometimes I have a bad hair day, but nothing Osku’s hair gel can’t cure! By the way, don’t tell him that >_>

Lii: How do you look upon Jonne’s girlish behaviour?

…girlish? What’s girlish? How is he girlish? I think he’s pretty. And he sings well. Is that girlish? How do you get girlish? Is it a disease? OMG CAN I CATCH IT?!? IS THERE A CURE?!? IS HE GONNA DIE?!?

Lii: Who’s your best friend among the Closeteers?

…what’s that?
Waury: Who’s your best friend, Lii?
Oh! Hum. Osku. Of course. I mean, he has to be, right? ….do I have friends…?

Dear Tommi: Why do you like to blow up things?

I don’t like to blow up things. I merely highly appreciate the spectacle and visual effects of an explosion for, hum, artistic purposes. Things being destroyed into pieces in the process is really just, hum, a side effect.

Dear Jonne: Would you be handled and looked upon as a girl, a princess?

But I- …oh. Right. Hum. Well. I… don’t really know. I mean. Why should anyone treat me differently? I’m the same person whether people think I’m a girl or not.

Jonne: What makes you angry and what makes you happy?

Well, I really like to sing, and to perform, and to play, and to be awesome, and to be with my friends.
I don’t really know what makes me angry… I’m never really angry. I get sad sometimes, because, well. Everyone has bad days right? But I don’t really get angry.

Dear Juha: Is it true that you secretly are afraid of the Outside World?

Hum. I don’t really know. I don’t quite remember much of it. I think I’m more afraid of those two nutcases than of anything else >_>

Juha: Why did you want to change your hairstyle?

Well. Why not? I mean, everyone needs some change sometimes.

Juha: Don’t you think you need a lover who would stand up for you?

Well, maybe not a lover, but a friend who wouldn’t be afraid of the league would be nice >_>

Dear Wiwi: Don’t you think you should visit a doctor with your insane jealousy?

What do you mean, insane? I’m not insane! It’s not my fault if everything throws itself at Theon all the time! I have to protect what’s mine!! Why, you want him too?! Sneaking behind my back while I’m at the clinic!

I want to ask Theon if he’s secretly being a tease on purpose because he wants to push Wiwi’s buttons. And get him riled up enough to agree to a threesome. πŸ˜›

Wiwian’s really just insane. I mean, the mic and I just have this platonic professional relationship, Wiwi’s the one imagining things. None of it is my fault. I’m not THAT much of a manipulator πŸ˜›

Dear Larry: why don’t you EVER straighten your hair or go blonde or red for example?

Have you seen my hair? Do you really think ANY change would improve it? I’m way too cool to doubt it.

Larry: Are you truly so fucking cool, or is there something you’re afraid of?

Why would I be afraid of anything?
Wiwian: That I’m gonna outcool you someday >8)
…dude, you’d have to be cool in the first place. So once again, no, not afraid.
Wiwian: >:(

Dear Mic: how do you feel now that you’ve spent a wonderful (and quite drunk evening) with Wiwi?


Mic: Do you think it mended the rift between you?


Vihtori: How do you feel towards your owner? Or you’re secretly Antti’s owner?

…….., … ……. …….., …………
: he’s not my owner! I do what I want!
……! ….., …..!
: That’s what I said.

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October 12, 2010

How do you feel towards them?

I am very proud of my comics, of how funny I managed to make them and how long they’ve been going on. I love how they forced me to get more creative and to expand my world.
Character-wise, I’m not quite sure how to define it. I have some kind of motherly affection for all of them, as they’re my creations. They have a life of their own somewhere in my head, which is quite fine, but then it means that sometimes I get… random things popping up in my mind from their point of view, which is quite weird.

How different are your characters from real-life characters?

Most of the Finn-inspired characters are parodies of said Finns based on one or many elements of their looks/personality/stage personality. For example, I’m quite certain the real Jonne doesn’t want to be a girl. But his earlier looks at the beginnings of Negative were so outrageously feminine, it made a nice twist for a comic character. I doubt that Janne from Uniklubi would throw bricks at anyone for making fun of his height, but he seems to actually be a bit annoyed with not being very tall. Considering how many characters I have, and how superficially I have developed them so far (working on that…), there is very, VERY little in the characters that is actually true to the actual people they’re inspired from. A lot from their personality now comes from my imagination and my friends’ suggestions.

What’s the fuss about Juha’s hair?

Waury: From the start, Pinkass and I have loved Juha’s flaming red hair. It’s just so beautiful. I still think it’s a shame he cut it, but staying with the same hairstyle for so many years can get boring for anyone, so I can understand the need.

Pinkass: Well, it started with a real-life obsession about his hair quite a few years back, about how perfect and shiny it was. I just couldn’t bear the idea of his cutting it ’cause why would he do that when his hair is so perfect? So it grew as a joke between Waury and I, and when the day came when he did cut (and dye it, ugh) Waury KNEW she had to make a comic about it, and since I was the one who started the obsession, well the Pinkass character had to be strongly reactive to it. And it grew into an even bigger joke πŸ˜›

Why has the League a jail, and why does seem Juha to be a willing inhabitant of it most of the time?

The jail was needed to punish and, to a certain extent, protect some characters from themselves. Juha’s character has stayed mostly undeveloped because of the jail, actually: most – if not all – of his appearances have been related to his hair, and never allowed for much latitude to make his personality grow. I do kind of regret it, but I can only try to improve it in the future.
Rather than be a willing prisoner, he’s actually too weak – yet – to protest and get away from it. In short: he’s still too scared of the league (with reason). Jussi, Teemu and Janne have mostly gotten rid of that fear, which now allows them to stand up to them and defend themselves a lot more. Juha isn’t there yet.

Who’s your favourite?

I have a weakness for all of my original characters, especially Rumors and Life, but Finn-inspired, I guess Jonne would win. Not because of who he’s inspired from (I’m guessing the poll results were biased because of that), but because he’s that sweet, innocent, happy and naive but struggling boy, trying to find himself. Wanting to be a girl or be treated as one or be allowed to act as one if he wants, he appears quite courageous to me, and I just want to hug him and tell him and to tell him we’ll love him no matter what.

How were your characters born? Why Finnish musicians?

I started getting interested in Finnish music in 2004, and I am of the obsessive kind, so I soon became obsessed with everything Finland. Since the musical scene here is intertwined from north to south, I suddenly found myself with a lot of new bands and new music in my life. At the same time, I started reading webcomics (I’ve always loved cartoon, comic books and manga/anime), and Pinkass once sighed that it would be nice to have an own webcomic. She didn’t have the drawing skills, but I did, and since both of our main focus was Finland and music… it just came naturally πŸ™‚

Why do they say ‘sorri’ instead of ‘sorry’?

It’s just a little quirk πŸ™‚ I pronouce it differently than the normal English way “so-wree”, more like, well, “so-rree”, so I just made my characters say it the same way πŸ˜‰

How did Rumors, Life and …Hate get impersonated? Was it a ‘long-time idea hidden in braincells’ or you got up a morning and said ‘I want them to be impersonated’?

I’ve had the idea for Rumors for a very long time, but I could never find the right design and looks for them. The idea of a character who would not have a specific gender so they would be called “they” went around my head for at least months before I randomly came up with their looks. Life and Love/Hate came by themselves quite quickly, design and personality together. That kind of characters usually come by themselves, when the story needs them. I have other characters in mind, impersonating other concepts, but they are still “under construction”.

Why is Lil Lii a bit silly and stupid?

Lil Lii’s personality is based on his silly, innocent grin and on the fact that he’s Jonne’s little brother. The whole thing has been exaggerated, of course. The character is not exactly stupid, just… very innocent and very naive. Think Jonne’s character, but worse XD And without the wanting-to-be-a-girl thing.

How many ‘brains’ are behind the characters?

It’s mostly mine, though a lot is added and refined from suggestions of my friends (Pinkass, Michi, Las, and a lot of others). They also evolve on their own, through the comics.

Why not more HIM-concentrated stories?

Simply because I’m not a fan of HIM. That’s also why we don’t see Jann Wilde and many other bands: in order for me to make a comic – and characters, I need to know enough about the actual person to create a decent personality and story. It’s also less interesting for me to try and create something I’m not specially interested in.

Why does Wiwi dislike the mic?

The mic has been on Theon’s mouth. Wiwian’s jealous. XD

Why is Osku scary?

When the new Flinch was formed, the first picture we saw of them was this, and we didn’t have names. You have to say, Oskari does look kind scary there. Nicknames were given, and Oskari became the Scary One, before we knew what his name was (“Oh-Scary”). I’ve met him and talked to him many times since and he’s not really scary, but it stuck with the character.

Where do you get the inspiration and all the ideas to your comics?

From everywhere. From pictures, from interviews, from conversations with my friends, from reading completely unrelated things, watching movies, TV shows. It literally springs to my mind on its own. Anything around me can give me an idea if the timing is right and the people in my head cooperate πŸ˜‰

If I happen to get a fantastic idea for a comic, can I send you a request to draw it for me?

You can, but I can’t guarantee I’ll manage to draw it. It’s not always having the right idea, it’s also having the right mood for it, and being able to work with it. But you can always send suggestions πŸ™‚

Are you planning on drawing other characters and not just Finnish musicians (e.g. characters from books/movies/etc.)?

As part of Closet Inc, I’m not planning to. As one-off comics in tribute to said book or movie or such, certainly. But characters created by someone else are also copyrighted, just like mine are to me, so I’d rather not touch that and try to include them in my own universe >_>Β  Also, since they are already fictional, it would feel weird to me to parody them to include them in Closet Inc =/

Are you planning on drawing Lovex-comics about the rest of the band and not only Vivian, Theon and Julian (and mic, of course :D)?

If I get the right inspiration, yes. Since they are not that much “up front” in the band, they’re harder to parody, and so to make into characters.
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