3rd Year Anniversary

March 21, 2009

So yes, another year went by, I am still alive, against all odds, after staying in Tampere for quite some time.
As every year, a LOT of thank yous to everyone reading, commenting, and spreading my comics on the world wide web.

Special thanks to all my Finland friends, none of which were Finns, but who inspired me so much, both in my comics and in my personal life. Las, Michi, Karen, Honza, Karen, Michi, no-I’m-not-repeating-myself-my-friends-just-all-have-the-same-names-I-love-them-anyway, Lessa, Caitlin, Brigitte, Hanna, Ilka… If I could compile the time I’ve been laughing with you all, it’d probably be a few weeks long.
(plus the time I’ve laughed of the comics you inspired me… a few months =D)

Other special thanks to the people who have also been following me since… well, since forever.
In a non-stalkerish way.
…I think.
Pinkass, Tina, Talula… your support have been very precious.

Hugs to all my newfound friends (some of which are in the first category. woot! you get thanks and hugs! no, hugs to everyone else too) from all over the world!! I’m always so surprised to meet people from the other side of the planet who actually know who I am without me knowing them. ._. I’ll get used to it. Maybe.

Bittersweet greetings to Diana 😉 who almost killed me by showing my comics to the Uniklubi guys in an interview for the official MySpace. I managed to keep a low profile after that.
(I was still in Tampere when it happened.)

Infinite thanks to the Finns. Really. You rock my world, in more ways than one. You are also not supposed to be reading this, but hey, I’m getting used to the fact that you might.
Special thanks to Oskari for the iced tea this summer =)

I will never say it enough. Each and every one of you reading, commenting or not, make this alive. I probably would have stopped if nobody had been reading. And by keeping me doing it, you probably kept me alive, and happy, and I can never thank you enough for that.

Lots of love.

And now…

Onward to a fourth year of insanities!!!

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