So this is the end

December 28, 2010 | 3 Comments

Of another 12 months of our lives. Honestly, though there has been less happy moments (there always is at some point), I’m really happy with what the year has been like for me. New friends, new experiences, and a huge load of learning. Closet-wise, it’s been incredible. Firstly because I finally got my own website […]

Well, what she said, basically 😀 Sooooo… who guessed? 😀 What do you think of Time? 😀

Seems she would have done better to ask him… 19 days ago XD

I would like to point out that this is the first time closet!Jonne is angry. :3

I do think Jyrki69 is Elvis turned into a vampire, who then escaped the consuming spotlight of fame to hide in the dark winters of Finland, but then couldn’t stay away from music so long and got into a band. Makes sense, yes? Also, he totally blew  his cover last Saturday. My friend Maely and […]

That’s indeed often a bad mix. Almost there…!

I’m guessing PK hasn’t seen him pass by. Lucky he was working at the bar when she asked though. A keyboard hurts a lot more XD

There goes his regular exercise. 8)

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