Full credits to Caitlin/Dvine Insanity for this one! You can see her version of the event HERE. The idea: in the new Bloodpit song, “The Price To Pay” (to which you can listen HERE), Caitlin pointed out that the chorus sounded like he was saying ‘coat’ instead of ‘call’. Interesting images ensued =) Also, the t-shirt […]

Stiletto Heels

March 27, 2009 | Leave a Comment

CREDITS TO CROW FOR THIS IDEA! We were exchanging text messages back and forth from Quebec to Ontario, and she suggested that Janne learned to walk with stilettos. And how could I ever mention stilettos without Matthau… …and sexy shoes without Valo XD

So yes, another year went by, I am still alive, against all odds, after staying in Tampere for quite some time. As every year, a LOT of thank yous to everyone reading, commenting, and spreading my comics on the world wide web. Special thanks to all my Finland friends, none of which were Finns, but […]


March 21, 2009 | 1 Comment

Yesterday, I was… convinced to watch Flinch’s gig on a live stream on the net. Oskari did not, surprisingly, have his mohawk up. We speculated as to why. (I’m quite sure Ville wouldn’t eat hair jelly) (even blue raspberry-flavored one) (I’m quite sure Oskari wouldn’t put that in his hair anyway)