Really, you gotta see that video. And yes, Vivian and Janne are still best friends.

Second appearance of Jann Wilde as a Closet Inc character! Heard of the song ‘Last Of The Wilds’ from the Nightiwish album ‘Dark Passion Play’? Yeah. No. Pinkass doesn’t like him.

Perttu really said that. (not to us directly though) My interpretation =D No innuendo of any kind. Mikko, don’t eat all the cookies. And Pinkass is the one giving the cookies cause, well, she actually is the one who made them =)

I got nothing else to say. <3 (though, I wonder who’s gonna going to be the one eating who…?)

Juha. Dyed. His. Hair. I suppose this is the catastrophe of the summer. Hopefully the only one. Yeah, ok, he USUALLY dyes his hair but. In a nice color. Yeah, ok, the League never really stated anything about hair dye. Well it just did. The League does not agree.