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Please watch this video (1:30 to the end) to understand the following comic: Credits to Pinkass for the final saying XD And the t-shirt is dedicated to Pakou <3

Family Picture

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I’m almost sure that it’d probably be their reaction XD Not ours, though, we’d just laugh at it. Like we’re doing now. XD


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Alexi, frontman-guitarist-lyricist-singer of the metal band Children Of Bodom. He really looks like a bad-ass. He recently broke something in his shoulder. While playing bowling. Sober. No guitar for 6 weeks. (by the way, the “flying fuck” joke in the 6th panel: he says that a lot, it’s even the chorus of their song “In […]

I get it…

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He really owns them.


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Early on January 1rst, 2008, a young woman left this world at the end of a short illness. Like so many of us, she had a deep love for music and Finnish bands. On this day celebrating both Love and Friendship in Finland, I wanted to cast a last goodbye to a lady who might be […]