Bite Me!

August 27, 2007 | Leave a Comment

When Jack, from Private Line, had his picture taken with Commodore, he bit his head. My rendition of it. =D

Sheep Approved

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Alarik had seem to be all thrilled by Commodore when they met. But he needed a little accesorizing… ;D

With Love, Comm

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Jonne was… most convincing in his… charming of Commodore.


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Kris has been a little reticent to the greatness of the sheep. Little tribute to that. =) (just imagine Jonne running to the bar – cause yeah, they’re in a bar -and then go see the previous episodes ;D)

I let you guess what happened. Well, let’s just say that 3 of the Bloodpit guys (forever Bloodpit guys in my heart) got very… friendly with the sheep. Deeper realisation sank in a bit later. Ahah. But no, that’s not exactl how it happened. But it’s always funnier in here. You know that. That’s why […]

The Reunion

August 27, 2007 | Leave a Comment

First encounter with Jonne was also second encounter with Kris. Guitarist reaction to the sight of the sheep: “Not the sheep…” *facepalm* in an amused way. New encounter with Negative planned soon. We thought of what might happen. Again.


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Lemme introduce you to… Emily, the White Tie Sheep.

(posted on this on June 2nd, 2010) This is still to date one of my most epic comics. Inspired by a cover of Queen’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You” performed by various members of the Hype Records family, it turned into some kind of parody of the videoclip. See, the cover was performed […]