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This one reminded me how much I loved to torture my characters. <3 We really, really wondered how Jussi’s pants stayed on his hips. That’s the answer we came up with. Not saying it’s the real thing, but you know, it’s always funnier in the closet anyway.

Lemme in!!!

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Here is, well, Jonne. This is an overdue representation of an event last year. My friend Las (pink hair, but not Pinkass) went to see Negative with her friend (black hair). While they waited outside at the back of the venue, Jonne came out, hidden within a hoodie. After some time, the hord of fans […]

The Accident

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In 2 of the messages Teemu left for the fans on the official forum, he mentioned being “so excited” that he almost has “pee in his pants 24/7” – or so the translation says. And Antti needed more appearances in the closet. I just have weird imagination, really.

Oh Deer

April 5, 2007 | 1 Comment

Valo: “Hurting Linde is like hurting Bambi. You just don’t do it.” So here’s Linde. Here’s Bambi. Oh deer. XD Isn’t Linde absolutely adorable? And you now see why there aren’t so many animals in the closet… XD omg, did *I* just quote Valo?!


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Nice change, this time it’s not one of the league chasing them! The idea came from Uniklubi’s Kaikki Mitä Mä Annoin video (displayed below), in which we see Teemu sitting in front of Antti’s drums, and said-drummer coming to get his drumsticks back. Then I saw a video of Christus playing drums during an evening […]