Theon is Wiwian’s property, as is Wiwian Theon’s property. There is only one thing stading between them… …Theon’s microphone.

At his – 24th, can you imagine… – birthday, Theon decided to attack Uniklubi’s tourbus. Now, it was his birthday party, and a top hat is kinda too… visible for a hunt – he has to hide, you know – so he traded it for a pink crown… Note: we don’t know what happened of the […]


August 2, 2006 | Leave a Comment

I read once that Eicca repaired everything with gaffa tape, including his own pants and cellos. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard some jokes about that a couple of times. Now when Perttu mentionned having taped his 3 injured fingers during the North-American tour in fall 2005, somehow the mental image of some Gaffaman […]

Alas, Teemu have joined the ranks, yet again, of our vict- err, of the League’s patients. We’ve been wondering, is that a disease? If yes, how do they pass it on to each other….? …..;D