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When we “fill” our closets with a new “batch” of Finns, we do it in a very fair way: each of us takes a Finn when it’s her turn. Ok, so Alexi’s claim didn’t happen like that really. Actually, Pastlink showed me a pic of Children of Bodom – Alexi Laiho’s band – and suddenly she […]


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Juha’s name is pronounced in a way that it would sound a bit like a cow-boy screaming “Yeee-Ha!”. /stupid

Fishnets Plus

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It had been a while since the fishnet joke had been around, but Pinkass kindly reminded me of it. She got Perttu (youngish one, since he doesn’t wear his fishnet anymore) for he is in her closet and I got Jussi69 (who seems pretty much as happy as Perttu ^_^;) since he is in my closet. =D […]

Under The Skirt

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Kris’s quite, erm, interesting style is full of surprises. Under the pink, normal skirt, you may find…. Barbie underwear! We actually got a pic of those two onstage, and Jonne is taking Kris’s skirt up to see under. Ok, so Kris’s expression isn’t really like that, but who cares? It way funnier than way ^_^


March 23, 2006 | 1 Comment

The joke: in French (my first language), the pronounciation of his name is exactly like “T’es mou”, contracted form of “Tu es mou”, which means “You are soft”, more in a “You are not hard” way. Finns will have understood the joke at this point, I think. “Lerppu” is in Finnish, and it’s how we […]

The Muff has the weirdest, biggest hair ever. Pinkass and I wondered what could be hidden in there. Since it was big and hairy and scary, we decided that it was some kind of carnivorous fur or something, and that it fed on small animals coming around. Do not TOUCH the Muff’s hair. XD P.S. […]

I had seen Jonne kiss Larry but hadn’t seen him kiss Christus! Pinkass kindly educated me. I’m voting for Jonne/Larry though, so I made Jonne unhappy in this one… muahahaha. So, even if I think the video with Christus takes place before the one with Larry, I drew this as “Kriss’s revenge” over Larry… which […]

Notice at 3:55, how guitarist Janne (and older Selo brother) has his open mouth against singer Jussi (younger Selo brother)’s bare chest.

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