I always try to draw Kris with my friend Tina in mind: with the least possible pink 8)

Do notice the improvement in guitar-drawing skills. I’m very happy with that.

I also have to admit, this is also probably my favorite of the 7 Anniversary drawings πŸ˜€

There won’t be a comic this weekend for cause, well, 7th Anniversary, being late in schoolwork and Easter and all. Don’t eat too much chocolate, enjoy yourself and til the week after ;D

This particular drawing made me realize that we’ve seen Jukka in only ONE comic XD That also explains why his eyes are green, because I never had to wonder about them until now, since in the first comic he has his eyes closed, and in the promo ones I’ve done, they’re either black-and-white or in a blue color scheme. So if you know them to be otherwise than green… do say so πŸ™‚

Marco is still the Wii-king, and Emppu a sore loser πŸ˜€ (no not really. I mean with a winner behaving THAT way, who wouldn’t be?)

And Tuomas, well, learning to enjoy his ballerina lessons πŸ˜€

They have also come a long way since their first appearance πŸ˜€ They’re not all that afraid anymore…

Janne is wondering how old his clothes are (he’s one of the very few band characters not to have changed at all in 7 years).

He’s gotten a lot cooler 8)

(I’m also fiercely ignoring the death of the curls in real life)

Still adorable and exposing himself πŸ˜€

(rather less pink however. and there’s that What the fox, too)

Perttu hasn’t changed all that much, except that he got, well, stronger. Less faintey?

Eicca is still saving people, though his range has… widened. XD (I especially like his Gaffaman outfit :D)

Juha has moved up a lot since 2007 – from prisoner to apprentice League member. He has become stronger and less afraid, and found his own voice.

Still under Pinkass’s supervision though :3


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Waury is grudgingly referring to THIS. Back in June. Ah ^_^;;

Also, of them both, Waury is more likely to turn Gollum.

AND, the joke they’re laughing about is a Doctor Who joke not of my making, but from this picture (I don’t know exactly where it came from – it came to me reblogged many times). Probably not a new joke, but it was new to Priscillia and I and we spent the weekend laughing at it. XD


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